Al Rakaaz company to achieve the leadership and continuity of excellence in the field of competence, on the basis of customer satisfaction first and the completion of projects entrusted to them on time, as we always aim to challenge the temporal and spatial difficulties to achieve what we aspire to and continue our mission in the best way, as our passion is to deliver High quality projects on time.

Over the past years, we have proved that Al Rakaaz Advanced For Trading & Contracting C.O is challenging the difficulties of a well-honed construction and construction team. This has resulted in an increase in the performance level of Al Rakaaz Advanced For Trading & Contracting C.O Each employee strives to achieve the highest professional standards of work and achievement. And implementation through continuous development work in order to provide the best types of services to its valued customers.

The company has become a leading companies and a significant number in the field of contracting and local competition market has already achieved excellence and leadership in mega projects and infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The proper planning and execution of all elements of production was the most important factor in the company's success. Not only that, it provides the efficient human element and stands side by side with the practical experience of the company's most important policy towards achieving the best projects.

The combination of the scientific and academic styles with the company's long experience and knowledge for twenty years has made it a high position in the construction and construction market in Saudi Arabia.

We appreciate the extent of the responsibility placed on our necks, as the company contributed to the advanced pillars of contracting and thank God to a large extent in the completion of many large projects by providing many job opportunities, and there is no doubt that the company of the pillars of advanced contractors aspire to the best always and never for the public interest, Establishments sector with the best strategies used.

Chairman’s executive Message

 Abdul Karim Mohammed